CNN: The Sixties (digital series)

Published June, July, August 2014

I was tasked with creating a digital video series to complement / promote the CNN original broadcast series "The Sixties." I looked at the topic for each episode and came up with an idea that would be on-theme, original, and web-friendly, because as we all know, you can't just cut 2 minutes from an episode and expect it to translate to a web audience.

The videos are a mix of short explainers featuring archival footage and reporters from the CNN newsroom, video "quizzes," interviews with important and interesting characters, and text-on-screen compilations.

The films that shocked people in the ’60s

These sexy and controversial movies of the 1960s led to the creation of the modern movie ratings system.

Roles: Producer, Videographer, Editor


Name that 60’s TV show!

The 60’s were full of new shows with memorable theme songs. Can you guess these famous TV shows just from their music?

Roles: Producer, Editor


Buzz Aldrin and the first space selfie

Think you’ve got a unique selfie? Hear the story behind the world’s first selfie in space, taken by Buzz Aldrin in 1966.

Roles: Producer, Editor


Painting a deceased president

Aaron Shikler explains how his official painting of JFK is different from every other presidential portrait.

Roles: Producer


Why Russians are always the TV bad guys

Step back in time to when the world was on the brink, and the Soviets became the enemy of choice in US movies and TV.

Roles: Producer, Videographer, Editor


Are these songs British or American?

Everybody knows The Beatles, but do you remember other bands from the ’60s? Guess which songs are from across the pond.

Roles: Producer, Editor


Flower power from Woodstock to Coachella

Flowing skirts, crop tops, flower crowns: Today’s most popular festival looks come straight from our parents’ closets.

Roles: Producer, Videographer, Editor


8 events that changed the world in 1968

In a decade of monumental events, 1968 stands out as a year that changed the course of the nation.

Roles: Producer, Editor


The Sixties: How music shaped a decade

From Jimi Hendrix to Merle Haggard, music shaped the way the world reacted to the events of the 1960s.

Roles: Producer, Editor