I’m a digital visual storyteller. Documentary video producer. Multimedia journalist. Digital filmmaker. Whatever you want to call it. I tell stories using visual elements, sometimes by myself, more often as part of a team, always ready to try something new.

When interviewed on German public radio, I said producing stories for digital platforms allows you to let the story determine the shape of how you tell it. So I try to stand by that.

I was most recently a senior video producer for National Geographic, in charge of a small team that produced and edited all of the videos, and video elements, for all magazine features. We were finalists for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in explanatory reporting for a special issue about gender, which included two videos produced by my team. I also co-lead the culture beat in the wider newsroom.

I believe in shedding light on important issues. Getting out and talking to the people behind statistics. Exposing wrongdoing. Embracing new story shapes. And having fun in the world.

With experience as a director of photography, cinematographer, video editor, still photographer and all-around producer in field and post, I specialize in taking an idea from pitch to published, on any platform. Comfortable in the field, the studio, the editing bay, CMSs of all shapes and sizes, and presenting in the board room, I’m especially adept at navigating how to represent digital video within large multi-platform news organizations and figuring out how to tell visual stories in beautiful modern ways. My work has been nominated for an Emmy, the Pulitzer Prize, and honored with the Livingston Award, and the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Public Service, among others.

email: edythemc@gmail.com

phone: 508.801.1685