CNN: This is Life with Lisa Ling (digital series)

Published September - October, 2014

Digital video series produced to promote season 1 of the CNN original series "This is Life with Lisa Ling."

Inside the world of traveling strippers – It’s the only profession where women earn more than men. Lisa Ling takes you into the world of the traveling stripper.


This town has the lowest unemployment – Lisa Ling travels to the small town where jobs outnumber workers and rent rivals New York City.


Mormon pill addicts– Lisa Ling talks about which doors were opened to her while reporting about drug abuse in Utah, and which were slammed.


How to find a sugar daddy – Lisa Ling explores a party to find potential sugar babies and sugar daddies who will talk about their lifestyle.


Did ‘The Genius Experiment’ work?– This construction worker is one of the most intelligent young men Lisa Ling has ever met. Is it in his DNA?


CNN wouldn’t let Lisa Ling try this – Americans are flocking to the jungles of Peru to try something called ayahuasca, a potion that is believed to change lives.