National Geographic: Inside The Civil War Most People Have Never Heard Of

National Geographic Magazine
May 2017

Inside The Civil War Most People Have Never Heard Of →

When we think of a civil war, we often think of it as good versus bad. But in actuality, good and bad are blurred together as the fight morphs into one for survival. Photographer Marcus Bleasdale witnessed that first hand as he reported on the harrowing conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR)—a country nestled in the heart of the African Continent.

Bleasdale was there with Human Rights Watch in 2013, when the country plunged into chaos. Since then, he has continued to document the civil war for Human Rights Watch and National Geographic. He captured hundreds of hours of video footage that provides the world with an intimate look at the conflict beyond the headlines. From a family reuniting with the son that had been kidnapped nine days before to the heart-wrenching funeral that led to more deaths, this is a view into the daily lives of the people trapped in the chaotic disintegration of their country and their determination to survive and rebuild.

Videographer: Marcus Bleasdale

Producer, editor: Kathryn Carlson

Senior Producer: Edythe McNamee

Photo Editor: Whitney Johnson

Additional Video: Timothy Grucza, Thierry Messongo, Peter Bouckaert, Human Rights Watch

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