National Geographic: In Their Words: How Children Are Affected by Gender Issues

National Geographic Magazine
January 2017

Finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting as part of National Geographic's gender issue.

In Their Words: How Children Are Affected by Gender Issues →

What does it mean to be a boy? What does it mean to be a girl?

National Geographic traveled around the world to talk with 9-year-olds and ask what it’s like to be growing up in 2016, and how gender affects their lives.

What makes them happy and sad? Is there anything you can’t do because of your gender?
Their answers inspire, can make you laugh or cry, and show how the next generation is considering gender identities in a new way.

Video and interviews by photographer Robin Hammond

Co-produced and edited with Kathryn Carlson

In addition to running on the main National Geographic website, this video was also published on YouTube and Hulu, and the iPad edition of the magazine, and re-cut for Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat (screengrabs below). It was included on DVDs of Katie Couric’s Gender Revolution documentary as a digital extra, and translated into many languages for publication on National Geographic’s partner websites around the world. Here it is in Portuguese and French from our Brazilian and French partners: