CNN: Career Advice with Mike Rowe (digital series)

Published September - October, 2014

Digital video series produced to promote "Somebody's Gotta Do It," CNN's original series starring Mike Rowe.

When to quit a job and follow your dream – When should you quit a stable job to pursue your dream? Mike Rowe weighs in.


All driven people share this trait – According to Mike Rowe driven and passionate people have one thing in common.


Rowe catches heat over this college advice – You can’t excel without education. But that doesn’t mean you need to go to college. Mike Rowe explains.



This is the hardest job in America



Bad boss? You’re not gonna like solution – Mike Rowe has “shockingly candid” advice on winning over a difficult boss.



Feel you gotta do it? Mike Rowe gets it – Call it obsession, call it a sense of duty, but for whatever reason, there are some people who just have to do it.