CNN: Can this Latino voter find a home?

Published October 2012

This video was part of a interactive story featuring undecided voters who represented six sought-after demographics in six swing states.

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Six types of voters. Six swing states.
They represent a sliver of the electorate, yet their choices on Election Day could make a difference.

CNN gets to know the lives of these undecided voters, and shows how their beliefs and ideals influence their vote and why neither candidate is the perfect fit.
This sprawling stretch of highway in central Florida is at the heart of a political battleground. The population in Osceola County has ballooned in the past decade — fueled largely by an influx of Latino residents who’ve helped turn a region that once leaned Republican into a wild card that both presidential candidates want to win.
Maria is one of Osceola County’s newest residents, and she’s among the undecided voters who could play a key role in shaping the state’s election results.